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What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

What is Dry Carpet Cleaning? This question is asked quite often by home owners that want to keep up the health and integrity of their carpet when having it cleaned. There are two types of carpet cleaning, Steam and Dry.
Using the dry method to clean your carpet is some what of a new technology and way of cleaning carpet. When the term "Dry" is used, it is mostly correct. There is some low moisture products used during the cleaning, this allows carpet dries in 1 hour or less. This is great for very high heat places where people need carpet cleaners example: Las Vegas, or high humidity places. You don't want any mildew to form because the carpet stays wet for hours. This is one of the major benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning.
Here are some Benefits:
1. No soap or shampoo is used in this method of cleaning. Therefore, no residues are left behind to attract dirt quickly. Soap residues that are left in your carpet due much harm to it. Usually soap is only used when steam cleaning carpet. Dry Cleaning, only uses micro sponges and low moisture encapsulation products to clean. Encapsulation products are sprayed down onto the carpet and then agitated with machines that uses bristles and not pads. Bristles on the machines allow for deep, deep, cleaning of carpet.
2. Eco-Friendly cleaning products. Most dry carpet cleaners will use all natural or biodegradable and eco-friendly products in their cleaning process. These are usually known as micro sponges. Micro sponges are produced by a company known as HOST. They are a member of the professional cleaners association and the product is sold nation wide. The micro sponges are made out of orange peel extract or different natural products. They are very low moisture and look like sawdust basically when they go down on the carpet. They are then agitated into the carpet and gone over by the dry extraction carpet cleaning machines. At the end of the cleaning, these micro sponges are usually vacuumed up with a commercial vacuum. No residues left period.
3. Deep Cleaning of Fibers. Dry Cleaners use bristles in their machines instead of pads. Pads are usually used by a steam cleaner and only clean the top of carpet. Bristles are very important to use in the cleaning process for dry, because they deep clean from the bottom of fibers to the top of fibers. Makes for a great deep cleaning. Deep Cleaning is all that is offered by this method.
4. Stains are removed, period. When cleaned with this process, stains don't come back. Since no soap is used in the cleaning process, there are no residues to attract dirt to those stains. When you have carpet cleaned using steam cleaning, the soap that is left in there, brings those stains back up. Also since Steam Cleaning only cleans the surface of the carpet, its not hitting the fibers where it is most important for removing the stain. If you have tough stains, dry carpet cleaning would be the most effective way of getting them out. It is best to make sure which ever professional company you hire, that they include stain removal with the cleaning. If they do not, find one that does! This can be very expensive if you have multiple stains through out the home.
5. As metioned in the beginning of this article, protecting your carpet, it's health and longevity, depend on how you have it cleaned. Cleaning it with the dry carpet cleaning process will definitely allow it to stay cleaner longer. You should only have to clean your carpets with this process every 6 months for them to stay amazing looking and clean. You can always do it more often if you have a lot of traffic from people going in and out of your home. This is also another benefit, only having to clean your carpets twice a year with dry cleaning. With other processes you have to have them cleaned almost every 3 months. Save money and go with this new process.
It is best not to where shoes in your home on any carpet. If you have to wear shoes, or have family, friends over for a party, have the carpets cleaned as soon as possible. For best up keep of carpet, don't use a Bissell or any type of machine that puts a bunch of water and soap into your carpet. Leaving any residues behind in carpet can deteriorate carpet faster than anything else.
Posted below are pictures from the results of dry carpet cleaning in las vegas done by NaturalDry. You can see how great cleaning comes out when using this low moisture process. Once you begin to have your home cleaned this way, you won't ever want to go back to any other way. Guaranteed! I hope you have found this article helpful and make sure to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months. Do your research and find a good carpet cleaning service in your area that offers this type of method of carpet cleaning. The best part is, it's not that expensive!

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